Privacy Policy

Coding Caveman takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Solo doesn't collect any personal identifiable information. Occasionally, if users experiences a Force Close error, they have the option to send a crash report via email. This is not done automaticallly, only with user consent. Information in this email contains a stack trace of the program flow leading up to the crash and device model & OS version. This information is only used to diagnose app errors and help fix bugs - it is never passed to a third party.

Solo Lite is ad supported and requires a few extra permissions needed for tracking feature upgrades and displaying ads. The ad providers have their own privacy policies, which can be found below. They all have the ability to collect as much information as is shared through the app permissions, but I try to keep this to a minimum. Generally, only a phone ID (IMEI number) is shared, allowing them to uniquely identify individual devices, but no personal information is shared. Additionally, GetJar uses an email address to license upgraded features across multiple devices. Pocket Change also uses email addresses to reward users with tokens across multiple devices. Currently, Solo Lite uses these providers to display ads (open the links to view their individual privacy policies):


In the past, Solo Lite also used these providers. They are no longer used in the latest version, but older versions of the app may still use them:

Fluent Inc.
Magnolia Labs

While GetJar and Pocket Change aren't advertisers as such, their privacy policies can be found at:

Pocket Change